Saturday, December 18, 2010

Travestis En San Antonio Texas

In passionate defense of student demonstrations in this article Maltese launches an urgent appeal - given the gravity of the situation - to think, involving all right - who justifies the burning of cash to those who applaud the beatings of protesters . It suggests that listening to students in the bottom of its disgraced anti-globalization have been according to him - unheard - the first to sound the alarm: many of the predictions of that movement in fact seem to realize dramatically: from the devastation of the territory to the collapse of the cost of work, through the Mother of all casinos in the world, or the exhaustion resources.

I believe instead that the anti-globalization movement has perhaps correctly diagnosed a component of evil, but have certainly messed care.

fact, their mistake, it seems to me, as well as the error in general ecology - the right and left - is to think that progress can stop, or - worse - that they can just put the clock back could reset and ten, hundred, thousand years of history.

Not so, I think, and in support of my analysis I just mentioned that it never happened, you come back: to raise trade barriers, close borders to immigration, stop the outsourcing things are not right or wrong itself ': things are impossible, due to political catastrophe can only reset everything, but not what we hope or at least I hope not. It 's a car launched at full speed, and as you can maneuver the steering wheel, but you can not restrain it' put the reverse. And the left itself, as a whole, and made the mistake of not putting the wheel volercisi, theorizing impossible reverse: instead of using one of its arrays, internationalism, the left is locked on one side and old - and beyond a certain anachronistic (but vaglielo tell Vendola) wrestling pay (lost) or a rediscovery, in turn decrepit (but vaglielo tell Veltroni) "free", going back to another ideology that is not only characteristic of the right is also on the ropes. Ridiculous.

We know that the evil has its origin in a supra-national free trade zone is not subject to any control: by financial exploitation of the work force: we can work a band of children in Bangladesh without committing any crime.
And if we know that this is wrong, where are the locations of coordination - virtual and physical, of any kind - of the international left? Where those unions? Who is developing an embryonic institutions that govern economic relations between countries? Why the Left not only the world are doing, but neppure suggeriscono che sia opportuno iniziarlo a fare, e invece si perdono in chiacchiere stupide - come ad esempio la spettacolare cazzata di litigare all'interno del PD sull'opportunità o meno di entrare... nel partito Socialista Europeo?


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